Miles Finer is an atheist. On facebook, God sent him a friend request and it escalated rapidly. He saved a man from suicide, helped an addict learn the truth, helped a troubled kid. He is determined to get to the bottom of this friend request and who is behind it.  

Work Edit

Miles has a podcast called "The Millenial Prophet" where he discussed his views on religion and atheismty

Biography Edit

"Miles Finer" is the son of Arthur Finer and the brother of Ali Finer. He runs a podcast, "The Millennial Prophet", where he expresses his views on religions and his belief that God does not exist.

Relationships Edit

Arthur Finer (Father)

Ali Finer (Sister)

Rakesh Singh (best friend)

Cara Bloom (Friend/ love interest)

Nia (Ex-Girlfriend)

Jaya (Friend)

Ray Nicolette

Personality Edit

As a child, Miles had a closer relationship to his father then he does now. When he was 8, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and he prayed for her recovery. However, after her miraculous recovery, she died in car accident on her way home, causing Miles to lose his faith in God.

Miles is a caring man as shown through the help he gives to the people suggested to him as friends by the God Account. In Episode 5, "Unfriended", he has the chance to give up helping people because God unfriends him, but he ultimately chooses to friend God himself at the end of the episode after realizing he enjoyed helping the friend suggestions he received.

Trivia Edit

In "Matthew 621" he reveals that his mother named him Miles in honor of the miles his father and grandfather marched when they marched on Selma and Washington for equality.

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