The Pilot is the first episode of God Friended Me Season 1.

Synopsis Edit

An atheist's life is turned around when he recieves a friend request from God and becomes an agent of change, on the series debut

Plot Edit

Miles Finer, the son of a priest, now runs a podcast ("The Millennial Prophet") about his atheism. He receives a Facebook friend request from "God." Although he suspects it is a hoax, he nevertheless follows up on the first suggested friend and saves a man' who's name is John Dove's life when he tries to commit suicide by jumping in front of a subway train. He meets his second suggested friend, Cara, an online writer with writer's block. When Miles's computer malfunctions at his home, Cara sees her long-missing mother in a picture of Miles with his family at the hospital. Miles convinces Cara to see her mother. When Cara finds out her mother has another daughter, Olivia, she runs into the street in shock and is hit by a car. A doctor emerges from a taxi several cars back to save Cara's life; coincidentially the man being John Dove
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